Anon asked me yesterday:

Is there a BTS video of theo sayin hey to shai then making the kissing noises. And they put their arms around each other and I think theo was gonna lift her up ?”

Yes, anon. Yes there is.


Shailene Woodley Funny Icons

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c) lovatodont

shailene rhymes with queen for a reason


Oh my… FEELS

Divergent Deleted Scenes- Edward Gets Stabbed

Where are you seeing the divergent deleted scenes?


I watched them earlier when a generous blogger posted them on Tumblr. I assume she recorded the clips with her phone/camera. Anyways, some lucky Initiates got their DVD/Blu-ray earlier than the rest, so I guess that’s how they got their hands on the new features.

For now, I’ve seen…

Just a reminder that I have NOT seen anything else except from those up there; and… some of the BTS clips, through GIFs and such. Still waiting for my copy! But oh.. the impatience is hitting me right in the feels man.